What is ITU Innovators?

About us


ITU Innovators is a student non-profit organization operating from the IT University of Copenhagen and focusing on providing services for students of ITU. The organization is founded and organised by volunteer students (since we started in 2011) and receives support from sponsorships & partners.

Our organisation has built a support structure for students to improve their entrepreneurial skills while at the same time helping them get new skills as IT professionals. We do this with help from our volunteers, under the supervision of the board. The board of ITU Innovators is elected annually by our General Assembly - a yearly meeting with all of our members.

We always need further support and help, from both partners and volunteers. We believe there is a very clear way on how others can support entrepreneurship in ITU, and that is by supporting us. If you wish to work together consider joining as a volunteer or contacting us for more info.

Workshops & Events

We listen closely to what our community needs to continue growing, and we organise events, workshops and other activities with the aim of improving the study environment at ITU. All our events are open to any ITU student, and we encourage people to reach out to us and share ideas on how to further improve our efforts.

Think Tank

Think Tank is a way of getting a safeplace when creating or learning to create your own ideas. Surrounded by smart, passionate students and with the best tools under our belt, we’ll take giant leaps together in creating new ideas, interesting projects, and connecting with other like-minded students.                        

Startup Programme

Together with ITU Business Development we have created the foundation for student entrepreneurship, by structuring the most needed content and resources into a Startup Programme, we are able to incubate business ideas and help students focus on how can the solve problems and create value.

Regardless if you’re already in a startup or just curious to learn more, join us and get a closer look.

Our members consists of students from all majors – bachelors to candidates. We see ourselves as a timely support structure for students who wants to step beyond the lines of academia and gain real-life experience to supplement the studies. For the extraordinary enthusiastic members, ITU Innovators should work as a stepping stone to the VC, investor and start-up scene.

Who are the people behind ITU Innovators?

Our Board


Mathias Bejlegaard Madsen


Mathias has joined ITU Innovators and became the treasurer as of may 2017.


Matthias Als

Vice Chairman

Matthias has been an ITU Innovators member since september 2016 and became board member in…


Coordinator of your own choosing

This can be you if you join our organisation. The General Assembly votes new board…

Mathias Lind


In September 2015, Mathias joined the organisation as a coordinator. Initially his responsibilities included the…


Anders Buhl
Vice-Chairman & Business Circle Coordinator