Who we are

ITU Innovators is a voluntary student-driven organization that facilitates and support entrepreneurship among ITU students. From the very beginning, our mission has been to encourage start-ups and entrepreneurial innovation within the ITU peer network through events, meetups, development projects and alike.

The ITU Innovators community is a potent catalyst for innovation, collaboration, idea development, advisory, pilot projects and tech-fused experimentation. In the end, it’s a matter of lifecycle management – by supplying the seeds and supporting the incubation of ideas – from initial brainstorming through learning and development to full-fledged start-up.

What we do

Our core activities revolves around building a foundation for digital enthusiasts to meet, pitch ideas, collaborate and get clever on entrepreneurship through events, networking and everything in between. In the past, we’ve worked with events such as

Startup Live Copenhagen

Open Mic for Entrepreneurs

Startup Stories

Idea Pitches

Get cozy with startups

…and much more!

Join us!

Our members consists of students from all majors – bachelors to candidates. We see ourselves as a timely support structure for students who wants to step beyond the lines of academia and gain real-life experience to supplement the studies. For the extraordinary enthusiastic members, ITU Innovators should work as a stepping stone to the VC, investor and start-up scene.

Regardless if you’re already in a startup or just curious to learn more, join us and get a closer look.

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