One of our biggest concerns is that people will not be aware of what projects we’re working on and become less and less engaged with ITU Innovators. We’re only as strong as our member network and our facilitator group. To keep the enthusiasm levels up in the clouds and stay motivated to work on projects for the community we’ve decided to open up our entire project pipeline for the world to see.

It doesn’t make any sense to work in stealth mode and then start promoting the event. We think a students should know what the organisations are working on and thus make it easier to get excited about the activities! So this is it! Please be gentle…

Subscribe or join our public project pipeline on Trello

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Interested in participating in one of these projects? Contact us for more details 🙂 You can email us, send us a message on facebook, tweet us up and even stop us on the hallways 🙂 We’re here to help you!

If you just want to make sure you find out when these events will take place, we recommend subscribing to all the events created under the ITU Innovators facebook page. Then you can rest assured that the latest event details will always be on your phone, one tap away.


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