We are share an initiative we are developing in ITU Innovators that we believe would be of interest to our students in ITU. ITU Innovators is a network of entrepreneurs. It is run by students and can offer help to new startups and networking for students through different activities. This is one of those activities coordinated by members, for members.

On november 13 we are hosting a new event called Open Mic in ScrollBar. Participants will get the chance to pitch an idea or project they are currently working on to get other students interested in joining, and get feedback from the audience. Afterwards we will have a networking session with the possibility to meet partners and get more feedback.

The reason we are hosting this type of event is because we know that all of you students out there have some great ideas and projects you’re working on and we’ve heard time and time again that you’d like to get more people interested in joining and starting something great.

We want you to take that idea or concept, prepare a 3 minute pitch where you describe your idea, your current problem that hinders you to progress, and what are your current needs to push the idea forward. Join us for an inspiring evening with like-minded people! The best pitches will be awarded with counseling, for any future work with this idea.

[pivot_button url=”http://bit.ly/innovators-pitch” appearance=”btn-primary btn-filled” target=”default” text=”Signup to pitch your idea”]

So follow the link and fill out a short typeform with the relevant information about your solution/idea if you’d like to pitch and check out event calendar!

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